Fashion Week Organizers
If you are the owner or organizer of a fashion week event, AFAB is your strategic alliance to usher your event into the Digital era. By partnering with AFAB, your fashion week event immediately onboards the most innovative technology in the fashion ecosystem.

While fashion weeks are being cloud-stream, audience engagement is ZERO except being audience. The AFAB virtual fashion show is all about user immersion with creative technology. AFAB virtual fashion trunk shows are cloud-stream with a twist. Users who download the AFAB mobile app are able to engage and take part in their favorite AFAB fashion shows with user immersion and even share the video clips on the most popular social media platforms.

With AFAB, your digital fashion trunk shows shall go above and beyond with cutting edge technologies and ingenious marketing strategies in partnerships with the world’s largest media and entertainment companies.
Corporate Affiliation
Companies seeking to collaborate with Independent fashion designers would discover that a partnership with AFAB is more than just e-commerce. AFAB mobile offers a plethora of lifestyle experiences to personally engage with our customers.

With AFAB, companies are able to reach out to a niche market of consumers who love the epicurean lifestyle through corporate events and other lifestyle activities so that companies can have the fashionable lifestyle associated with their brands and image.
So you are a social media influencer because you have great engagements with your fans and followers online. Would you like to have a Partner who can enhance your engagement with your followers and work with you to craft an exclusive campaign or private event for you and your followers while supporting a Sustainable Fashion Industry initiative? Be a AFAB Friend and together we can create an experience for your social media networks that is A-FABulous!
Entertainment Content Producers
Movie and TV content producers spend a hefty amount in costumes and wardrobe. Why not work with AFAB and have your next movie or TV series a A-Fabulous wardrobe created and customized for your content without spending a single cent. Collaborate with AFAB.