Independent Designers
Every fashion designer aspires to be a global brand and selling to big-name retailers was the best way to get there. The advent of digitalization and e-commerce is causing brick and mortar retailers to fight for their own survival. Technology progression is also eliminating all businesses considered as “middle-men” businesses. Retailers are “middle-men” for independent designers.
What REKA offers Designers?
A Voice. Independent designers can go back to the basics of being a true designer with REKA. They can produce by pre-order, tailor-made, custom-fit and even one-of-a kind if they choose. REKA is packed with innovative technologies that empowers independent designers to do business online with Fair practise. REKA mobile app technology is developed to ensure fashion designers can conduct bu
Threats & Trends and Staying True as a Designer
In the crowded and highly competitive global fashion industry, it is important for Independent designers to carve a market niche for themselves. Be a True designer and tailor-make clothes to fit. Produce on Demand for global customers with REKA. You are Uniquely Talented. You do not need to mass-produce to make money. You need to produce Creativity and Quality and on AFAB’s mobile app, REKA, the global consumers can discover you. Stay True to being a Genuine designer. Have Passion and Remain Artisan.

The safest way to ensure minimal or no disruption to your supply chain is to make the clothes with your own or appointed tailoring workshop. Your global customer would love to see how you work with professional ateliers to create the custom-fit clothes for them. Most importantly, you are helping to reduce textile waste by not mass-producing ready-to-wear fashions.
#WEARWHATSFAIR is to create consumer awareness about:
  • FAIR Opportunities for Original Creativity
  • FAIR Value for Long-lasting designer clothings
  • FAIR Living Wage for apparel makers and revive atelier industry
  • FAIR Treatment to our Environment while being fashionable
#WEARWHATSFAIR mission is to create a Sustainable fashion business ecosystem while enhancing consumer awareness in being a Responsible Fashion Lover.